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We have a Steel rolling mill also & in future we plan to start manufacturing Steam & Hydro Turbines also.

Ch. Bijendra Singh, the founder & promoter of this company has been a pioneer in the field of Alternators for the last three decades. Having started at a small scale, manufacturing small generating sets, D.C.welding rectifiers, diesel engines, & electric motors catering to the needs of SME / Domestic segment, he was the first to introduce Rotating Field Alternators in the range of 2.5 kVA to 250 kVA in1980. These were more efficient than the fixed pole Generating sets prevalent in the market. Even the design of Stampings was known as Bijendra design in the market. After having been a market leader in this segment for over a decade and a half, contentment was miles away, and  he moved into the heavier segment from 300 KVA to 1500 KVA & introduced brushless alternators with self designed AVR’s..

And then Ch.Bijendra, fond of taking Challenges, with the vision of Sky as the limit & a yearning to grow, discontinued all his earlier Operations and entered the Heavy Power Segment in 2003. There is no other private sector manufacturer in this Heavy Power segment. The ever growing Power needs of our country, with vast power resources untapped, endless power cuts as a way o life, all together hold a great potential market for us.  We designed Alternators with varied features from 2 Mega Watts onwards.  Clients / Industries reposed faith in our capabilities & placed Orders. Being boosted by client support, we have now designed Alternators up to 100 Mega Watts and this has been done by a namely few all over the World. The Alternators being manufactured by us are based on our own design. They are more Power efficient as well as cost efficient.

We undertake Modernisation, Upgradation (capacity enhancement) , Refurbishment & Repairs of Power Plants of any capacity.

In our stride forward, we modified the HFO Engines for Producer Gas mode of operation of the highest capacity in the World of 4 MW as a single unit with Microprocessor based actuator type governors & multi-spark ignition system. The special feature is that if there is a sudden surge load or the production of Gas is lowered in the Gasification system, it automatically converts to duel fuel mode.

The New Generation, Multi-Fuel Gasification system developed by us is Updraft Fluidised Circulating bed with Direct & Indirect oxidation  & can use simultaneously- Municipal Solid Waste / Biomass / Coal to produce Electricity at a nominal costs. This is an environment friendly, non-polluting, non-conventional renewable source of energy.

At Bijendra each Client or Customer carries great value. We just do not sell our product or service, but we value the relationship with us which may grow further & further across all the needs of power.

We are the Only Private Sector Manufacturer of High Quality Power Plants- Hydro, Thermal, H.F.O. or Gasifier  based / Alternators- Brushless, from Two Poles to Fifty Two Poles, with extended  shaft & overspeed protection if required, indigenously,  based on our know how, design and technology  up to 100 Mega Watt capacity or more as per client requirements conforming to International standards. They can be tailor made to suit your technical requirements and specifications at a short notice of four months or even less.
We have successfully completed supplies of Forty Heavy Fuel based Power Plants totaling a capacity of 200 MW  to several big corporate houses. Some of the names to list a few are as per below:MAN Industries India Ltd.,Gujarat, Paras Shipbreakers Ltd., Gujarat, SLR Steels Ltd., Karnataka, Hindustan Seals Ltd., W.B., Lexcon Steels Pvt.Ltd, Ahmedabad, Speciality Papers Ltd., Vapi, Gujarat, Kalptaru Alloys Pvt Ltd., Gujarat, Garg casteels Ltd., Bhawnagar, Gujarat, Kanohar Electricals Ltd., Meerut, Mohan Meakins Ltd., Mohan Nagar, The Manaksia Group, and many more.

Most of the above mentioned heavy fuel based captive power plants have been installed / commissioned by us on turnkey basis and comparatively recorded the lowest cost per unit. 

We undertake repairs, reconditioning, modernization or upgrading of Power Plants / Rewinding of Alternators & provide technical support also as need be. Generators of 10 MW capacity – Four Units, have been reconditioned by us.


Bijendra Heavy Electricals, the only private sector concern in India  having fully integrated in-house manufacturing facilities for the above, is emerging as the fastest growing concern in India in the field of heavy power generation plants due to its commitment for high quality standards, early delivery, high efficiency and low capital cost, alongwith after sales services / support. Our commitment to R&D has resulted in constant upgradation of technology, innovation and excellence.

So far we have manufactured and supplied up to 12.5 Megawatts capacity Power Plant as a single largest unit which is functioning excellently. There is always a first time for everything a person does as had been with us when we initially secured orders in Megawatt capacities. But our confidence, right approach and adherence to basic principles, has seen us through. We have the abilities, facilities & infrastructure to manufacture any higher capacity.

our products:- alternators manufacturer, hfo power plant manufacturer, control panel manufacturer, gasifier power generation,dust separator, EPS, gasifier manufacturer, electrostatic precipitator
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