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2000 kW (2 Mega Watts) to 500.000 kW or 500 Mega Watts.

  • Specifications of Alternators Manufactured by us:
    • Two Poles suitable for Steam turbines with high RPM

    • Fifty Two Poles suitable for Hydro, Marine applications of low RPM.

    • 50Hz. To 400Hz.

    • 415 Volts to 11000 Volts

    • 115 RPM to 3000 RPM

    • Over Speed, Over Temperature, Ground Fault Protection Provided.

    • Extended shaft provided if required for hydro projects (Tailor made to Customer Specifications)
    • 98% Efficiency

    • Maximum Voltage fluctuation is 0.35% on sudden load.

    • 10%± voltage adjustable on the overall rating depending on requirement of customers.
    • The Excitation system and AVR does not damage or trip on under frequency running.
    • Rotors are well balanced and machined on CNC.
    • Capable to run effectively at three times of full load up to ½ a minute.
    • Under winding Protection; Safe against any winding fault while in operation, the plant trips down in case such contingency arises.

    • Over Temperature Protection: Due to any reason if the temperature of the winding system increases above normal winding temperature (ideal temperature of coils while running) the Alternator will indicate the fault and will trip down the functioning if the unit.

    • Single or double bearing, both available, according to customer’s requirement.

    • Full copper winding with insulation class “C+”.
    • Stamping used are of CRNGO grade.

    • Blower is fitted at front of the shaft for effective cooling.

    • Works effectively and safely in moist atmosphere and conditions.

    • Ambient temperature required is 250C to 350C.

    • Efficiency: Our alternators are 98% output power efficient, we test alternators on full load for 24 hours and 4 hours on 25% overload with a power factor of 0.8

    • Clockwise and anti clockwise rotation capable.
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