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GASIFICATION SYSTEM- Multi-Fuel, non-conventional,Co-Generation, Renewable Green energy source, receiving backing from the Governments of various countries all over the World.  Municipal Solid Waste (viz.- Paper waste, Plastic, Polythene, Rubber, Tires, Leather, Thermocol), Biomass (viz.- Wood chips, Saw dust, Rice Husk, Corn Cobs, Sugar Cane Bagasse, Coconut Shells), Coal. Max.Output of a single Unit with single Generating set - 04 Mega Watts. For higher requirements multiple Units can be commissioned larger unit can be made but Gasifier above 4 MW are larger in size for transportation.       

GASIFICATION Output of a Single Unit- Up to 4 Mega Watts, the largest, single transportable unit in the World, innovated & developed by us. For higher requirements multiple Units can be commissioned.
Gasification is a thermo-chemical process of cracking that converts solid waste, Biomass or coal to a gaseous fuel called “Producer Gas”. This producer gas is fuel for many different applications of shaft power or electricity in the equipment like, Internal Combustion Engines.  For thermal power in-  furnaces, kilns, dryers, Rolling mills and Heat treatment equipment.

The equipment to be utilized is the new generation Fluidised Circulating Bed Updraft with direct & indirect oxidation Technology Gasification System developed by consistent R&D at Bijendra to obtain clean, rich and consistent supply of Producer Gas which has calorific values close to1400K.Cal/NM3, with higher gasification efficiency and low fuel consumption.  At high gasification temp. of 11oo◦ C, Carbon combines with Steam & CO2 to form CO, CH4, H2 & increases the Calorific Value of Gas & also the overall efficiency of gasification. Steam is co-generated in the Steam Jacket & injected with the air into the Reactor,   which dissociates at high temp. & forms more of CO & H2, resulting in further increase of the calorific value of the Gas. It is then subjected to washing & cooling by multiple shower washers & passed through the specially designed Tar, Sulphur & Dust separators & demoisturizer to be ultra clean for injecting directly into the I.C. Engines modified by us for Syn-Gas /Producer Gas mode of operation.

We have Modified HFO based Engine to largest Producer Gas/Syn-Gas based Engine of 4 MW in the World. For higher capacities, multiple units in parallel would be used.   There are No Effluents & no environmental Gas emissions in the process apart from the Emission of Flue Gases & that also well under the Pollution control norms from the Exhaust pipe of the Generating set.

The exhaust emissions of the Engine, can be used for a Waste Heat Recovery Boiler & close to 1000 Kg Steam at 7 Bar. pressure per MW per hr. can be obtained & also it can be put to use for other thermal applications.

Feature & Advantages:

  • The producer gas generated in the Pyrolyzer / Gasifier has higher Calorific Value in the range of 1400 K.Cal/NM3 suitable for getting high flame temperature as required by most of the thermal processes.
  • There is no effluent output in the process. The washing  of gas is done with re-circulated  water.
  • The in-line Tar, Sulphur & Dust Separators, developed by us, help in total removal of Tar & Ash from the gas produced during the process of Gasification. Tar, available as a by product, can be sold in the market  or can be used for heating/burning in a Furnace or can be upgraded to Gasoline.
  • Due to ultra clean gas, the occurrence of choking of the burner filter and duct pipes is negligible, resulting in increase in productivity and minimal cleaning.
  • Extremely Low Particulates and smoke emission, even lesser than Pollution Control board norms, due to the complete direct firing of Producer Gas in the I.C. Engine.
  • Worldwide accepted, subsidized, environment friendly Renewable Energy technology.
  • Very early payback period
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