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HFO Power Plants- We couple our manufactured BHE make Generators with slow speed (500RPM) Engines of MAN, Pielstick, Sulzer, Fuji or others as per their availability, used, refurbished & overhauled by us to as good as new by replacement of Liners, Pistons & other parts as required, with an assurance of standard size of Crank shaft & full oil pressure & provide warranty for one year on the Power plant supplied by us. Our delivery period is Four to six months.

Gas based Generating sets: HFO Engines modified by us for Gas (Natural or Syn-Gas) mode of operation have- Electrical ignition system with microprocessor controlled actuator type Governors & has Options of  (a) 100% HFO  (b) In case of shortage of HFO, automatic conversion to Dual Fuel mode without tripping of the Electricity.  (c) In case of HFO being Shut down, automatic conversion to Natural Gas mode without tripping of the system or points a, b, c, can be vice versa also.

In used HFO / Natural Gas sets available in the market, the buyer is not sure about the condition of the internal moving parts & is not provided any warranty also & in this high tech age, even the operating hours are tempered in the hours meter, We ensure this for our customers, so that the best Quality Engine/ Generator is procured.

Completely New  HFO / Nat.Gas Power Plant with Slow speed (500RPM to 600RPM) MAN Diesels, Sulzer or other make HFO Generating Sets can also be provided by us. Their Offer prices are nearly three times the price of Power Plants  provided by us. The delivery period  is Fifteen months.
We prefer slow speed engines because they have negligible maintenance & very low sound. High speed engines are much cheap but have loud sound & high maintenance costs.

We are vendors to BHEL India for Alternators. So far we have supplied close to 60 Power Plants across India. The highest capacity single unit had been 12.5 Mega Watts. We have the expertise to manufacture Alternators & Captive Power Plants of any higher capacity.

H F O Power Plant
H F O Power Plant
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